Chasing Embers was founded in Kyiv (Ukraine) by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak, who quit all his previous projects to create his own band. He was then joined by guitarist Alexey Hrankyn - his mate from the last band. But the story of Chasing Embers began in 2016 when July Tallina became the frontwoman.


At first, musicians were after a male vocalist, but after numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable candidate, they finally met July, whose audition was very well received. The band’s line-up underwent some changes throughout the years until all necessary people were found. The majority of the lyrics and music was written and composed by drummer Vladyslav Pospolitak, who is the band’s ideologist and also he’s responsible for the musical part and band’s vision in general. Chasing Embers` style formed under strong influence of old-school rock and metal, and also nu metal of 2000s. Chasing Embers is an alternative metal with sincere lyrics and unique atmosphere.


In 2017 the debut single “Badtrip” was released. Autumn of the 2018 was marked with their first music video for the song “Silent House” from the future album. The debut album "Beckoning Call" is out on October 3, 2019. The topic of the title song of the album is the issue of industrialization and human separation from the nature. The lyrics on this album are dedicated to the person`s inner world, their thoughts, desires and aspirations. The band aims to write about things they experienced in their own lives in order to achieve the utmost honesty in their songs. Ukrainian tour in support of the debut album was also announced.


In September 2019 the band is going to present its new music video for the song “Spiritual”, which might be surprisingly provocative and daring. Line-up Vladyslav Pospolitak has been playing music since the age of 15. He was previously a part of a few thrash metal bands. Now, with his fellow band members, he runs a YouTube music channel called Honest Embers. July Tallina is the face and the voice of the band. She is the author of many lyrics of Chasing Embers` songs. It was July, who came up with the name for the band and initially developed the concept for the album cover.


The most emotional song in the album "Carnage" was written by her. Guitarist and co-founder of the band Alexey Hrankyn had nothing to do with music until he met Vlad and his previous band. Now, apart from playing in Chasing Embers, which he has been doing for the last 3 years, Alexey pursues his strong passion for making guitars. It is two years since he became a leading guitar master in the Woodstock Guitars Company. He crafted one of his guitars himself.


A few years ago they were joined by the guitarist Oleksandr Zahorulia. He blended in very quickly and soon took some managing responsibilities, acted as a music arranger and band technician, which greatly improved their live performances. Bass guitarists didn`t stay for long though. The band was relying on playbacks until Vladyslav Kachanovskyi was finally discovered by the band members. He probably is the most flamboyant band member, who brought his own vision to the band image and the visual component of the team.