David “D.B.” Patterson is a songwriter who hails from the Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. He first started playing the guitar when he was about twenty, while serving in the USAF.


After his four years of service were up, he attended U.W. Madison where he pursued a dual major in Art and Communication Arts. It was there he learned to play blues harmonica, and he and some friends formed a band called the Dharma Bums, which was the name of a Jack Kerouac novel. The Dharma Bums played mostly covers, but the set list also included a few songs David wrote.


When the band broke up and he and his friends went their separate ways, David remained interested in music, but it took a back seat to practical matters. David moved to Georgia in 1990. In 2010, David joined a local songwriters group which inspired him to once again focus on music. Since then he has completed five studio albums. His latest album is entitled “The Prophet of Doom”. David’s musical influences include a combination of classic rock, folk and blues with a dash of country.