When Christian Gardefuhr and Johan Söderhielm first started writing music together, they had no idea of the optimism, dedication and ambition that had already begun to form Haunted by Destiny.

Today, the band were accompanied by another 3 musicians by Simon Weston, Marcus K Johansson and last but not least Evelina Eliasson, who also assumed responsibility as the front figure for the band. Marcus and Simon decided though to leave the band early 2019.

From the start, the music was already filled with the small characteristic details that represents the band today in every intro, verse and chorus.

The dynamic sound, together with Peter "PP" Samuelsson on PPP Recordings, has been developed and maintained from the first track of the EP "Aria" to the final track of the now-completed full-length album "Aria for an Angel".

With the single "Turning Pages" the band has put additional pressure on the market and with accompanying videos, the band has also gained attention. Haunted by Destiny has the will, dedication and tougher skin than any artist who has duelled them for the audience's interest on the same scene. This has been demonstrated in the contest "Svensktoppen Nästa", which is organized annually by “Sweden’s Radio P4”, where the band became a winner with a voting record in Östergötland.

In September 2015, the debut album Aria For An Angel was released via Doolittle records, which received a good reception from magazines as well as radio stations.

Now, the band has released another 5 singles. Closer (cover by The Chainsmokers), Reverse, Venom, Hate That I Love You and See Me.

In 2019/20 there will be some covers (live sessions) at YouTube and 3 new original songs released.