“Jesse Kinch is phenomenal. He is the greatest live act you will ever see”… London UK Radio BBC2. 24 year old Jesse Kinch: singer, songwriter, guitarist, lyricist has been playing the N.Y.C./Long Island club scene since the age of 8. He is a part of a new generation of young talent who want to bring rock n’ roll back to its glory days! Influenced heavily by the great rock bands and artists of the 60’s, 70’s and the Seattle scene of the 90’s, Jesse delivers high energy performances and writes songs that capture the times with his own unique original style. Jesse’s music and lyrics are based on themes that all generations can relate to.


His music is real. His performances are real. Jesse is a rare combination of natural ability combined with a passion, spirit and energy that is evident in his original music and his live performances. It all began when Jesse picked up a guitar at age 6 and was able to tune it by ear. He demonstrated exceptional rhythm and perfect pitch. Jesse’s passion turned towards rock n’roll.

At 10, Jesse was invited to the Sam Ash Guitar Competition where he finished third competing with performers 2 to 3 times his age. At age 15, he was cast by Eddie Money to portray Eddie in “Two Tickets To Paradise”. Jesse received rave reviews for his “rock star” vocals from the New York Times and Billboard. In 2014, Jesse captured the rock and roll soul of America and was voted the winner on Rising Star ABC TV 2014.


Jesse released his debut album “I’m Not like Everybody Else” in June 2018 which has been noted as “fusing the soul of rock's past with the bombast of its present”. He continues to create a rock and roll buzz and has gained fans from all over the world who are captivated by his raw, genuine and undeniable talent.