My songs are Eclectic. I’ve noticed that some of my songs are influenced by my favorite artists but I also have my own sound. I do love collaborating with other artists to make beats.

I am so lucky and blessed with so many people in my life who support me. The opportunities I've had are priceless! I wouldn't trade any of them for the world (good or bad). I have truly met some people along the way.

I hope that I can just keep doing what I enjoy most (singing & writing) and keep finding people to work with that share my passion.

Life is changing so much for me. I'm finally realizing that the correct path isn't always the one right in front of you, and sometimes you will have to go make your own.

Thank you to you for reading this and anyone else that supports me. Especially thanks to my-family making any of this possible. Music is always going to be there!

My Last thank you goes to Starbucks. There came a time when I had just about given up on my music. Starbucks used my song "On The Brighter Side" in their Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Commercial as well as give my brothers and myself a spot on the actual video. Thank you so much Starbucks for believing in me and igniting that passion!