Lonnie got his 1st taste of music in 1957 when his mother took him to see ELVIS in Toronto. 7 years later his desire for performance and music was solidified with his 1st of 2 concerts of The Beatles in 1964 & again in 1966.


Lonnie began as a Lead Singer in a Motown/R&B band but switched to Bass guitar in 1968 which he still plays. Lonnie began touring in 1971 with a band in Ottawa. He moved back to Toronto in 1972 and began a 4 year connection with acclaimed songwriter Eddy Schwartz in a dynamic Folk Duo.


In the late 70's Lonnie was in several touring ROCK bands. In 1984 Lonnie embarked on a project with his childhood friend, Jon Bojicic, as one of the 1st ROCK TRIBUTE BANDS - TRES HOMBRES(ZZTOP)...The quickly became the premier Tribute in the Country which lasted until 2011. In 1982 Lonnie began to write his own material and recorded his1st CD in 1989 which got him a record deal with MCA. Since then Lonnie has written over 200 songs and recorded 9 CD's. He left Toronto and moved West to Victoria in 2011 where he still performs acoustically and plays Bass when the need arises.