Natalia Essel is a contemporary Singer-Songwriter. She is innovative, genuine, unique and magical. Natalia started writing songs in her early childhood. And in 2006 she released her first solo album “This Is Only the Beginning”. Later she continued developing her skills, singing and creating. And in 2010 Natalia Essel released her second album “The World of Dreams”. It’s a result of four years work.


The whole album was created by Natalia Essel using only computer programming. It’s a very romantic and dreamy record full of interesting electronic sounds and experimental devices. This music combined with Natalia’s unique tender voice leads you into the world of dreams where everything is possible and where you can do anything you want. Feel freedom and let your soul fly. “The World of Dreams” album was very well accepted worldwide. “I hadn’t expected it”, Natalia shares, “I had been doing what I like most in my life, singing, creating, recording. And the result appeared a wonderful surprise for me.”


Later Natalia Essel started writing songs using live instruments and created even more successful tracks “Pretty Face”, “Peace”, “Wonders”, and “Keep You.” “I like to do what I do. I love singing, recording, performing live, travelling, creating,” Natalia says. “I like the creative process not only in writing songs but also in my music related creation, for example, it was my idea for the video for “Pretty Face” and it was shot and made under my guidance.”


“I’m thankful to all the people on my way. I’m thankful to my team, my family and my wonderful fans. I’m lucky to do what I like most in my life. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to sing, to create, to perform and to write new music, Natalia says. A very characteristic feature of Natalia’s songs is that they all have positive vibes. The more you listen to this music, the more you want to listen to it again and again.