Orkhan Efendi is a musician and songwriter on blues, blues rock, rock’n roll, rock ballads, progressive rock, with the combination of eastern spirit. His music sounds like when Elvis takes opera vocal lessons and plays guitar like Eric Clapton. Released the first original song in 2014 with the name of “Frustration”.


Later came a rock-ballad called “Idolized” based on the topic of love deification. Later followed new recordings one another: "Nightmare of the Belle" - the story of the genetic disease, the first piano composition - “From the Distance” on the feelings of physical and mental far away, “Imaginary Portrait” - drawing the model-girl existing in illusion with the music and “After the Death” - about the topic of the speculations on the fortune after ending the life. In 2018 consequent recording works were released with the names “Separate Line”, “Winter Sun” and “Just A Friend”.


In 2019 Efendi introduced his first music video for the song called “Universe In The Mind”, creating the universe inside and floating there in the dreams. The next single was “Waiting for the Moment” describing to be in the hope to see someone who was in the distance through the time. Graduated 7-years music school on piano before starting to learn guitar at the age of 18. His voice timbre is bass-baritone, being more close to the bass and with bell-canto features. Besides playing guitar, bass guitar, piano and drums he also writes and records all parts of the songs by himself.