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ÒRBITA 9.18 is the new album of Joina

ÒRBITA 9.18 is the new album of Joina that talks about the need to fnd “our own home”. The songs of the album are grouped by three episodes. Each one explains a different concept.

Episode I (nonhome) describes the feeling of emptiness as there is no way to fnd home, a place of refuge where you can spread your wings and lives in the present scene. Episode II (pastorale) represents a trip to the past, to the origins with wave of nostalgia. Episode III (out of time) is a view to the future where rush is always present, and fear appears when humans have to face the rhythm of the world. There is a continuous feeling that humans are always living out of time.

JOINA CANYET (Biure, 1996) is an artist diffcult to classify in a specifc musical genre. She started studying music when she was 5 years old and her principal instrument was the piano. At the beginning, she studied with Mila Kleiner. After that, she studied at the conservatory of Girona and classical piano at ESMUC with Xavier Bardeta and Adolf Pla. During those years, Joina focused her attention on the classical world but always observing the modern world.

Summer of 2017 Joina was living in Paris where she discovered the modern and urban music world that took place in France. There, Joina found a place for writing poetry and her own songs. She started to feel that she wanted to express herself through her own songs, her own voice.

In that moment, her frst album was born. Companyes was released in November 2018 and the tour started at the same time and fnished on September 2020. This album receives a lot of positive reviews from the press and organizers of festivals. After Companyes, an album that stands out for being feminist and offering a critical overview on social issues, Joina needs to come back to her inner harmony and search for her “own house”. Her album titled ORBITA 9.18 is born and it is going to be presented on February 13th 2021 in Barcelona.