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Šamane - Kaukana Virtaa Eufrat

Release: Šamane - Kaukana Virtaa Eufrat Format: 12" vinyl / Digital Release date: September 4th 2019 Label: Last Day Records Genre: Rock/Folk/World Music Country: Finland

Šamane is a creation by Finnish solo artist Saara Šamane that was founded in autumn 2017. The music has dark atmosphere yet it's also catchy. Lyrics are mainly death-themed mind flow gathered up into unfinalized poems.

Debut album Kaukana virtaa Eufrat (Far away flows Eufrat) is released September 4th 2019 as petrol green 12" vinyl and on digital music services.

About the album

“The whole album writing and production process was a period when I set no limits to Šamane. Most important thing for me was to create the atmosphere and push together the things I've experienced, the places I've visited and the feelings I've felt to this landscape of sound. The songs came out spontaneously and the lyrics are in the very same form as i wrote them in the first place. I didn't see a point to change anything on the lyrics - they are attached to the time."

Kaukana virtaa Eufrat is an experimental debut album. It's packed with colourful songs. There hasn't been done any compromises on distortion, defiance, yerning or friskiness. It is born out of desire to create and love of music.

Album is co-produced by Aleksi "PA" Kiiskilä (Known also from Grave Pleasures)

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