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7j2Music Releases New Hip Hop Album "G &YB"

When it comes to hip-hop music, you won’t find two individuals who are more passionate about the culture and traditions of that genre than Oklahoma City rappers Godzilla and Young Barid.

The two MCs from the Midwest have been bringing a Southern spark to hip-hop for the past few years, and their music is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime genre-breaking sound that challenges listeners all over the world to change the way they think. The biggest message they’re bringing to the world is unity, and their new album “G & YB” is dedicated to helping “unite us all as humans together.”

“We need to put the bullshit aside – the race and religions and all that stuff – and unite and come together as humans,” Godzilla said. “We’re trying to bring awareness to problems that humans face today and we’re trying to wake people up. The most important thing to me while I’m here on earth is to try to bring positive vibes to everybody and make the world a better place – to let people know it’s not so bad out there. That’s important to both of us. We want to open the box in people’s minds to think outside what they think every day and see a different view.”

The album walks a fine line between upbeat club bangers and songs filled with thought-provoking lyrics that reinforce that important message of unity. Godzilla said they’ve become adept at bringing deep lyrics while still giving audiences trap music and rap vibes that could be played in the club. And the 24 songs that are featured on the album are ones that the two have been working hard on for the better part of the past two years.

Godzilla and Young Barid have been best friends since about age 12. They first started making music – both individually and together – while in high school, and by the time they had graduated, they were already actively pursuing careers in music. For the last two years, they’ve been in the studio at least twice a week working on developing their unique sound and style. And today, the payoff comes in the release of this new album.

The debut single from the project is a song called “Millions of Minutes,” which serves as testament to the success that is beginning to come from all that hard work. Its lyrics are inspired by the analytics they had from their Spotify plays in 2018 which indicated there were more than 18 million plays on their songs in that year alone. The two use that in the song as a metaphor for getting more fans than they ever thought they would, and for the pursuit of dreams that they continue to chase every day.

Two other hot singles from the album that are gaining a lot of attention from fans are “Have A Seat” – a classic hip-hop track with really good 808s that induce that make-you-want-to-dance feeling. “Seven Uzzis”, on the other hand, has a beat that hits harder than any other song on the album and is “definitely the biggest trap song we have,” Godzilla said.

“One compliment we get the most is that we’re different,” Godzilla said. “We’ve been influenced by so many different types of rappers – from Eminem to Nas to Tupac to Biggie, but also a lot of modern day rappers. And we take all of those influences and then use it to create our own sound. I’ve not met anyone who listens and studies and lives by hip-hop as much as we do. And on top of all that, we grew up in small-town Oklahoma so we give a country sound that a lot of people haven’t heard before in hip-hop. We have that Southern fire to our music.”

Godzilla said 7J2Music plans to drop some music videos sometime this summer and hopes to book some live shows as well.

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