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8yr Old Daughter Steals Ian's shows

With a hugely successful Elvis Costello tour support curtailed and a 16 date acoustic tour postponed, Ian Prowse was left wondering had his new album ‘The Story Of Ian Prowse’ finished just as it was only getting started?

Being an ex busker, seasoned troubadour Ian immediately threw a FB live streamed show on a Friday night from his front room, letting his loyal fans pick the songs from ‘The Story of’ retrospective.

There was also a very special guest, his 8 year old daughter Rosalita (named after the 1973 Bruce Springsteen potboiler) had picked her favourite ‘Dada’ song to sing, in public for the first ever. She brought Ian’s little corner of the internet down. The resulting on line show and the incredible warm human reaction meant a second show was organised for the following Friday, this time 900/1000 people tuned in.

The gig being joyous, sad, daft, ad hoc, irreverent (it is Liverpool after all) and above all a damn fine sing song. And of course Rosalita had learnt another song and stole the show all over again.

Last weeks performance had the lead singers of The Wonder Stuff, The Stranglers, The Daintees and Elvis himself all tuning in to see what would unfold. Now approaching the 5th lock-down show, fans are already gearing up to buzz off the homemade light show,

Choreographed intro. With all that excitement, it’s not hard to see why Ian’s Spotify plays leapt by 344% this month!

For the many watching, the lock-down will be defined by gathering in from of their TV’s, laptops and phones at 8.00 pm on a Friday night, to watch Ian and his family let us into their home. It means the weekend has started.

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