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A Band Called Tom releases his second single‘Do You?’

A Band Called Tom creates a modern blend of indie surf-pop for people who can’t surf, namely Tom himself. You’d have thought growing up abroad and on the south coast of the UK would have encouraged him to pick it up, but instead he channels his beachloving soul into his music.

Inspired, of course, by The Beach Boys, as well as The Vaccines, The Kooks and more recently The Magic Gang, he intertwines catchy vocal hooks with infectious guitar riffs that can’t help but make you move.

Formerly gigging as ‘Tom Besley’, he has supported the likes of The Manatees and The Covasettes and should soon be joining Dancing On Tables at Oporto in Leeds (once the live music scene opens up again).

‘Do You?’ will be his second release, mixed again by James Brearley (ex-drummer of The Manatees) and was released on the 18th September.

Praise for his debut release, Coconuts (On Cloudy Days):

‘it's got that sort of vibe, surfy and fun yet with enough slick production to be considered a 20's pop anthem in the waiting’ – It’s All Indie

‘this may be the perfect song for summer’ – Chalkpit Records