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A Maxwell - Alone with You

Scottish songwriter ‘A Maxwell’ (Aonghas Maxwell) began his musical journey aged 3 listening to his father play the violin. This led on to A Maxwell learning numerous instruments throughout his childhood focusing his time on musical theory and composition.

He moved to Glasgow as a student soaking up the music scene playing in bands that varied from math pop to folk rock, and working/volunteering in the studios in any capacity he could. After finishing his degree in music, he honed his art as a producer at SAE institute recording Glasgow bands such as Howling Home, Mona Soft and Two Thirds of Me just to name a few.

Towards the end of his studies he built the bedroom studio where he now records his dynamic folk-rock that captures audiences live and on record.

A Maxwell’s inspiration behind ‘Alone with You’ came from his long-time affection for one his best friends. Unavailable and unrealistic he accepted that she would be happier with him as a friend, they are still friends.

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Discovered via Musosoup