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A rising Japanese-American boys band INTERSECTION is releasing their 4th single “Twisted”

INTERSECTION, a bilingual boys band who has both Japanese and American background made their debut on October 5th in 2018 with their 1st single “Heart of Gold”.

As this is going to be their 4th single, INTERSECTION has released a song every month since their debut. The members are also working as solo. In December 2018, under the name of Kaz - INTERSECTION, Kazuma released his solo single “Red Lights (feat. Carlo Redl) and “To You (feat. Carlo Redl)” respectively. Mika released his solo single “Tell Me” under the name of Mika - INTERSECTION.

Since the release of their 3rd single “Body Language”, the song has been selected for major playlists on various music subscription services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The music video of the song has earned more than 800,000 views on Youtube. The number of their fans are increasing inside and outside of Japan.

At the end of December 2018, INTERSECTION hosted their first secret event called INTERSECTION Christmas “Meet & Greet” #1. On the same day they began to accept entries, it reached the max capacity. 500 fans gathered to see the members who rarely make appearances in public.

INTERSECTION has been highly focused as fashion icons for next generation as well. The members were invited to LOUIS VUITTON’s “MEN’S SS19 POP-UP STORE OPENING RECEPTION” and “Dior MEN’S FALL 2019 Runway Show in TOKYO.” As the opening act, they performed at “TGC SHIZUOKA 2019 for SDGs by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” on January 12th. They have also stood on stage at “Mynavi presents 27th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER.”

Today (January 25th, 2019), INTERSECTION’s 4th single “Twisted” has been released. This song is their first self-produced work as the members William and Kazuma worked on composing the music. Its theme is a heart-broken teenager. The music video of the song has also been released today. The video was also created by the members and their friends. The director was one of their friends and the members also participated in directing.

This video has just been added to Graffiti Vibe TV1

William made a comment, “This song is about wistful feelings when having misunderstood each other with a girl you love and things didn’t go as you hope. It actually includes my personal experience. For the music video, I asked my friend Yuhei to direct it. We often talk about fashion and art together. I respect his unique sense of art, so I gave him a rough image of the video and let him do the rest. In this video, we express anxious feelings of not been sure if we really understand each other. it depicts how those feelings moves around in real world and illusional world.

IINTERSECTION is a boys band who has Japanese American background. The members are Mika Hashizume, William Aoyama, Kazuma Mitchell, and Caelan Moriarty. All of the members are bilingual and based in Japan. The band was formed when the members met each other in an international school in Japan. As they have grown up with both Japanese and American music and fashion cultures, they are influenced by jazz, soul, hiphop, R&B, pop, and club music. With those inspirations, each member has multiple talents such as singing, song writing, dance, and playing instruments.

In 2017, they released their song “Starting Over” exclusively on Spotify. The song was selected for Spotify’s playlist “Early Noise 2018” as a recommended artist. Before their debut, they stood on the stage at 27th Tokyo Girls Collection and performed as the opening act. Although it was their first big event, their high performance attracted a lot of fans. On October 5th 2018, they released their debut single “Heart of Gold”. Following their 2nd single “Falling” released on October 9th, “Body Language” has been released on streaming on December 7th.

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