• The Vibe

A story of bodies and production: The unique world of Olivia Void’s Made for You

The debut single by Berlin based musician Olivia Void is a full on physical experience, soothing, shaking and hypnotizing the listener. Her highly recognizable voice and electric guitar guide us through a synthesizer dream world.

In Made for You the body becomes raw material - a mundane commodity, created to please.

Visually stunning this video plays with materials like glowing bronze, marble and plastic in an almost erotic manner, staged in the space between art and artificiality.

Most recently collaborating with members of the Berlin psychedelic and experimental scenes, Olivia Void is constantly developing her sound while expressing the ongoing challenges of being confronted with oneself.

From the very beginning, she took inspiration from the paradoxical society we live in. This interaction with the world, especially as a woman, led to the single Made for You, and ultimately to her debut EP Physical, set for tentative release in early 2021.