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Aaron Lee Tasjan returns August 30th with Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated

The philosophy of reincarnation asserts souls are born and reborn again and through karma, each rebirth potentially leads to a higher level of enlightenment. Aaron Lee Tasjan reckons this philosophy might also apply to songs. The tunes he wrote for his 2018 studio album Karma for Cheap began as quiet meditations, written acoustically, and then were given new life when he and his joyfully loud rock ‘n’ roll band performed them electrically on the road. Tasjan decided to take these same songs through one more life cycle, this time stripping back production, allowing listeners to experience the songs in a fresh new light.

Check out the new video for the reincarnated, "Heart Slows Down," and the brand new intimate stunner, "My Whole Life Is Over (All Over Again)."

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