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Adina E - One More Light

“One More Light” is the unique new undertaking by Adina E. Following the release of her latest album "Changing", the singer has been working on an exciting new show that combines music from the album besides the songs of some of her best-loved rock legends with a focus on the original melodies and harmonies. A different take on the wonderful words and melodies of some stars who are no longer with us.

Following a significant change in her life, Adina E discovered her wonderful vocal gift and her outstanding performing talent, which manages to excite and touch audiences with its distinctive style. The daughter of an American mother and an Israeli father grew up in New York City until the age of 21. After completing her bachelor's degree in the United States, she moved to Israel for what was intended to be one year abroad but has remained ever since.

From a very young age, singing was her greatest love, but circumstances dictated that she studied and developed in different directions and invested in various professions (including a social worker) and first and foremost was a mother to her three children.

Stemming from a strong desire to pursue her musical dream, Adina dived into the deep end of the music industry at a relatively late age, choosing rising stars and leading professionals to accompany her in the creative process. To date, she has released two well-received albums that vary in style but maintain a high quality throughout. She is currently applying the finishing touches to her third album and accompanying the live show.

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