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After Elmer share a shitload of shenanigans in video for new single ‘Locked Door'

Rotterdam-based poppunk-outfit After Elmer has released the lyric video for their debut-single ‘Locked Door’. After releasing a set of demo’s in november and the vomit-scented song ‘Buckets’ earlier this year, the three-piece locked themselves in the studio for a good-ol’ punkshow floorfiller, with recognizable nods to Blink-182 and Bowling for Soup.

The band on their new single: “We had an absolute blast in the studio with our producer Iddo from Starring Audio. Some of us had some studio experience, but with a new band it’s always exciting en sometimes nerve wrecking. But everything worked out fine and we think this is a proper blueprint of the kind of music we make, although we’ve been writing a lot the last month and are expanding our field. Get ready for some fresh takes on poppunk!

Funny detail about the ‘Locked Door ’- intro:

“On the last evening we worked on the single, we were thinking about something stupid/funny to shout in small blank space in between the intro and the first verse. When we decided on the corny line ’wait, where are my lyrics’, it took Jaap a couple of takes to get it right, in one of which he completely blacked out on the line he was supposed to say. Instead, he said ‘oh kut’ (Dutch swear word) but it was so well timed in the beat that it turned out hilarious in the mix. Although we still went with ‘wait, where are my lyrics’, we decided used that take at the very beginning of the song.”

The video for the single is a nineties VHS-looking compilation of behind-the-scenes material from their webseries BAND DIARY AND MORE STUFF, of which they made thirteen episodes so far. In the series we see the brothers clowning around in the studio, practice space and pretty much everywhere they go. Check out the series

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