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AK Patterson Released 'Out of the Steel Works'

AK Patterson introduced themselves in enthralling style with the debut EP Shadows’, the first introduction to their against-the-grain approach, which invited comparisons to the visceral attack of PJ Harvey, the feral cabaret of Nick Cave and the post-modern jazz grooves of GoGo Penguin.

Now AK Patterson present a brand new track in the shape of ‘Out of the Steel Works’ (released on 4th September). It features on their forthcoming EP ‘Mettle’ which follows on 15th January 2021.

Produced and mixed by award-winning producer Charlie Andrew (alt-J, Marika Hackman, Nick Mulvey), ‘Out of the Steel Works’ is a track which maintains the essence of what made their first tracks so exciting while also demonstrating the band’s ability to confidently push their sound forward with more electronic sounds in the mix.

This is particularly evident in the frenetic new song, where lead singer Alex twists her violin through a cluster of pedals, creating an electric guitar sound that’s closer to what Royal Blood extract from their bass than any instrument played with a bow.

It explores the story of a young man working in a steel works who has a sudden epiphany of a better life. It’s not too far from Alex’s experiences as a trained silversmith, where she recorded some of the sounds that together with Alfie’s heavy, percussive double bass playing, make up the track’s lurching industrial rhythm.

This song is about ambition, about reaching into your mind to escape, just as much as it is breaking out of physical limitations. Through having an "epiphany in the dark", a downbeat steelworker reignites his desires and voyages to a metaphorical outer-space. Over the last few months we have all been locked away in hibernation, we hope this song brings you fire and eagerness for a world in which we can all dare to live out our dreams.”

The themes are further explored in the track’s striking computer-animated video. Amidst a sea of identikit drones who populate a factory, one worker dreams of a life outside of the clattering of steel and the relentless cycle of work. Yet actually escaping a system that takes you from the cradle to the grave is easier said than done.