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Alec Danger shares an AI-themed video for ‘Ghost Notes’

The Finnish, Berlin-based songwriter/producer Alec Danger, is back with new material. ‘Ghost Notes’ blends together Danger’s crooning baritone, 80s analog synths and a narrative about a relationship fallen apart between AI and a man. The track is officially released via Eclipse Music on the 3rd of April.

The song’s video, made by Helsinki-based, Brazilian visual artist, Felipe Gasnier , is a solid interpretation of the song’s theme, channeling its scifi-ish undertone further. Gasnier describes his creation thus:

“ Winter in Helsinki this year was not easy; we were faced with months of grayness, raining and hardly any snow at all. I created the video, in and out of that landscape, mixing material I had used for VJ:ing at our latest gigs together with some new videos that you’re likely to see on stage when the pandemic is over.”

Played, sung, written, produced, engineered & mixed by Alec Danger @ Kaiku Studios, Berlin stems mastering by Janne Lounatvuori @ Kaiku Studios, Berlin

Discovered via Musosoup