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Alejandra Ribera Releases New Single

Alejandra Ribera has written a song called ‘Courage’ to lift our spirits during these uncertain times. With the help of friends from Singapore to Switzerland - a collectively crafted “home lockdown music video” accompanies its release.

Co-produced by Rob Wilks and Brett Shaw (Florence + the Machine, Foals), this is Alejandra’s first foray into the world of electronic pop. “I normally write quite introspective mellow stuff. When I realised I’d written a whole song about the catharsis of facing what most frightens you I thought it should sound fairly epic. I knew it would take a lot more than me and an acoustic guitar.”

Wilks, Shaw and Ribera had already begun work on the track when lockdown was declared in London. “As soon as it was clear we were facing something unprecedented as a global community - I decided to release ‘Courage’ right away. The video concept was initially purely selfish - I wanted a creative project to distract me whilst in lockdown. As the weeks passed and the track got passed around - more and more dancers, performers and players offered to come onboard. It’s extraordinary how well-surrounded I’ve felt making this given the reality of physical isolation.”

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, a medical charity close to Ribera’s heart. “This is a first for many of us but isolation, widespread illness and lack of access to medical supplies is a reality for many and will continue to be long after this pandemic is over. Those are the people that Doctors Without Borders serve everyday. I first discovered them as a teenager - one of my very first jobs was door-to-door fundraising! I’ve been a supporter ever since. It just makes sense.”

Discovered via Musosoup