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Alex Kennedy is a British singer-songwriter and musician from Surrey with a big voice and even bigger aspirations. Alex Kennedy produces a mixture of material, from soft melody acoustic tracks, to heavier alternative rock songs. Alex Kennedy switches up his identity to create excitement through his work.

Alex wrote ‘Baby Steps’ a few months before his daughter was born. It's a song that conjures up all the different thoughts and feelings that he had of bringing a child into the world from both utter excitement to complete fear of the unknown.

Alex quotes, “Songwriting can be very laborious but with this song, I sang the chorus out of nowhere and haven't changed or edited it from the first moment I sang it. For me, songs like this tend to come around rarely but when they do there’s no need to edit something that comes straight from the heart.”

“I want my music and lyrics to reach out and connect with people on an emotional level, without pretension. I don’t write to order, so everything has to come from the heart” – Alex Kennedy

A musician who is hard to put a finger on stylistically, his upcoming debut EP, ‘Square One’, demonstrates his versatility as a songwriter with the acoustic and open turning ‘Words’ to the hardedge rocking ‘Live For Today’.

Playing guitar since the age of 12, Alex comes from a blues, jazz and rock background after studying in his early twenties in Portugal and Devon.

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