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Ali Bla Bla Releases Hard Headed Woman

Punk, British rap and classic rock may sound like an unholy trilogy. But for London based musician and producer Ali Bla Bla, courting controversy and challenging musical genres has always been the name of the game.

His upcoming single, ‘Hard Headed Woman’, is the blunt, emotional outpouring of a man who has managed to overcome his darkest times thanks to the strength of the woman in his life.

Ali says: "I wrote the lyrics for the song as a poem originally, when struggling with depression, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts. If it hadn't been for my wife etc etc"

The opening line – "Today my woman gave me money, just so I could eat" – is a raw and visceral admission, setting the scene perfectly for the story that's about to unfold.

The full band joins in on the first chorus, introducing drums, bass and piano, with backing vocals courtesy of Ali's friends Hak Baker and Royal. The line Ali chants – "This is for the Hard Headed Woman, a man is nothing without you" – is an expression of gratitude for the woman who brought him back from the brink, and a more general celebration of supportive partners.

What follows on the rap verse is a hard hitting, desperate introspective charting Ali's troubled upbringing: "I watched my father get nicked you see, then he left my mother for a younger woman and started another family, are you scared that I’ve got that man me?"

While insecurity and self-loathing dominate the verses, the uplifting choruses provide an uplifting musical contrast capturing Ali's realisation that his wife is and had always been his salvation.

Despite the nihilistic undertones, the song concludes on a positive note, celebrating the much needed strong women in all our lives. As a man, Ali wanted to use this song to thank those strong women to whom he owes so much.