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Alice’s Night Circus “The Show Must Go On”

Steampunk songstress Julia Scott, AKA Alice’s Night Circus, is set to unveil her new single and visuals for “The Show Must Go On”.

“I wanted a song that had a definitive feel of closure to it. Something that I could end a gig on or put at the end of an album. I also wanted something that would encapsulate that feeling of when something amazing in your life ends that it isn’t the final curtain call, there is more still to come beyond that. Things happen in life that can sometimes feel like the best has passed us by, but the truth is, we are always changing and adapting and evolving into the next stage of our lives. I merely made that into a literal stage and insisted that the show must go on and that it is within everyone’s power to be the leading performers in our own lives.” Julia Scott

A staple in the steampunk community for her grandiose classical performances, Alice’s Night Circus returns with another composition ready to stun. Her upcoming single “The Show Must Go On” mimics its onwards-and-upwards title -- it’s a stirring piece with hopeful, if not slightly anxious, intonation, but its video accompaniment captures the dazzling vintage world Julia has built as Alice’s Night Circus. “The Show Must Go On” is the second single from the upcoming digital release of debut album Metamorphose.

Julia’s performance is where the magic happens. Standing steady and elegant amongst warm, wobbly wreckage of her vintage style, she delivers an effortless performance whose sheer power alone transforms Julia into her final form (costumed in Victorian-inspired regalia), offering a grand finale to the orchestral divinity Alice’s Night Circus grants.


Alice (Julia Scott) is classically trained and started her journey in classical music before venturing into her own style of music which encompasses influences from a wide range of musical genres and literature. She now only performs her own songs.

Alice started singing professionally in her late teens whilst running her own business as a designer of fashion and jewelry. It was however following a meeting with Eliot Kennedy – songwriter and producer that she ventured into Steelwork Studios to “find” her own sound through the writing of her own songs. Alice’s Night Circus is a curious journey down a musical rabbit hole, featuring a blend of apocalyptic fairy-tale Steampop with a touch of the circus.

“From day one I realized we were working with a real artist in Alice’s Night Circus. Not only a designer of fashion and jewelry but also a real visionary regarding her music. It was a fab project to be a part of and I am really proud of what we have done together. I wish every success possible!!!” - Eliot Kennedy - Songwriter / Producer

Alice has had ME since the age of 17 and the life experiences this has brought her have strongly influenced her music, which concentrates on the positive outcomes that can be achieved by overcoming life’s difficulties.

“This is your age of reinvention…”

Most creative careers begin with the scruffy apprentice years where the fledgling artist tries different approaches, personas and aesthetics in the hopes of arriving at one that sticks.

But in the case of the Sheffield-born Julia Scott of Alice’s Night Circus, there appears to be no scruffy apprenticeship in sight--Julia is one of those artists like Florence Welch or Kate Bush that arrives fully formed, ready to reveal a universe that is uniquely of her own making.

“I actually had the sound I wanted in my head right from the start really,” she says of the sonic attack of Alice’s Night Circus. “I think it was a bit of a culmination of listening to so many different genres and finding certain instruments and themes I liked the sound of and it sort of created itself in my head. My biggest hurdle was trying to explain it to other people and get the sound I had inside my head down and out there in the real world. Once I’d invited other people into that world the sound kind of established itself…”

The sound that Julia is specifically referring to is Alice’s Night Circus’ idiosyncratic blend of theatrical steampop, cinematic post-punk and dreamy new wave.

Blessed with the natural stage presence of Siouxsie Sioux, the vocal command of Björk and the dark phrasing of Concrete Blonde’s Johnette Napolitano, Julia is a rare and singular talent. Thanks to her arresting live performances over the past few years, Julia has developed a growing global fan base, playing shows at Zandari Festa Music Festival. Seoul, South Korea, Liverpool Sound City, Lincoln Engine Shed and Whitby Pavillion.

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