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Alith Berndarn Released Single & Video 'Never'

»Never« is the fourth single from Vienna-native and Hamburg-based producer / visual artist Alith Berndarn, which comes out in 2020. This is also the second release of the long-anticipated EP »Lucid Scent«. The track »Kings & Queens« by Fritz Kalkbrenner is the main influence of the piece. The record »SeeSaw« by Jamie XX is another inspiration for setting the soundscape of »Never«.

»Never« can be described as an Electronic-House-Merger. The piece’s beginning starts with a lo-fi-esque pad sound, which is surrounded by the artist’s signature sounds: the chirping birds. The beginning is about the conveyance of a soothing moment that is immediately impeded through lo-fi vocal chops. The track continues its’ dynamic build-up, with rhythmic intonations that are circumventing the ear drums. These are accompanied by subtle bass line and a euphonious chord progression. While the drop sets in, the shivering voices do engulf the listener’s surroundings, accompanied by the drum and percussion patterns. The track’s intensity is getting more from second to second. This can be heard especially in the section from 1:30 min to 2:05 min and 3:19 min to 3:49 min.

The notion behind »Never«: “

….Never is about recalling the feelings we all encountered during the last few months. It is the aural and visual epitome of being stuck in an emotional rollercoaster. We all were trying to cope up with the sheer knowlessness due to the new moments that were caused by the beginning of the COVID 19-pandemic. With all the weeks in lockdown, no one knew what was right and what was wrong. The human race had to rethink a lot, re-establish themselves as a society.

During lockdown and the period of loosening restrictions, we had the opportunity to rethink our values, to see, what truly matters and to fight against the vapid angst that was caused by this pandemic. We appreciated the moments through video calls with our loved ones, we saw shopping more as a necessity than a dull hobby. Try out to establish a new normal, a new way of life.… ‘Cause this is what humanity is about: Innovation and Courage. Finding solutions, instead of blaming each other. With these two aspects, humanity will never never die.”

Born inside a multi-cultural environment, Alith came in touch with the realm of electronic music & its endless possibilities of stimulating emotions. The artist tends to experiment in the spheres of Electronica & Alt. Pop. He, then, merges the amalgamation with elements of Ambient and UK Bass to craft a sound that portrays his interpretation of nowadays’ music. With anticipated releases such as »Never«, the artist wants to continue his aural itinerary, exploring the endless possibilities to amass sonic textures and form them to rhythmic patterns.