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Allergic To Humans released their praised debut album ’Infinity Crunch’ in the midst of the Covid epidemic which made it hard for them to play live as much as they had planned/wanted. A real shame since their soulful high energy rock'n'roll with garage punk rawness is something that should definitely be enjoyed live on a sweaty stage. After doing a couple of online live sessions their old friend, and manic whirlwind Cecilia (singer of The Baboon Show) to help them turn it into a crunch-tastic rock’n’rolla diamond needed to cope in these bleak times.

Their debut album Infinity Crunch was just nominated for the ’Manifest Awards’ (Swedish Indie Grammy) just in time for the release of their version of ’Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

> And here's some words about their debut album 'Infinity Crunch'.

”Infinity Crunch is a 26 minute energy injection right into the heart.” 8/10 - Zero Magazine

”Infinity Crunch, might be one of the best releases of 2020.” Ear Nutrition

“They seem to have perfected their blend of rock ‘n roll, garage and punk rock as their debut full length ’Infinity Crunch’ is one of the best album’s, if not the best, that’s crossed my path so far this year.” 4.5/5 - The Punk Site

”As the song ends, you’re drawn to repeat the song once again. Misfits and lovers of imperfection, riot over sounds of this kind of sophistication. And we’re one of them.” ’Song Of The Day’ (Uggly Things), Come Here Floyd

”Their debut album is a primal slab of souly garage punk at it’s best.” Beneath The Rust

”With this album the Swedes have established themselves as an exciting new band.” 4/5 - OX Fanzine

”Musically, Infinity Crunch is quite daunting. Singer David Löfqvist roars and howls, the guitar riff is fatter than Jabba The Hut and driven more mercilessly than a tank.” 4/6 - Gaffa