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ALRIGHT Brother Introducing Brand New album, “DEPLOY” Along With New Animated Video

ALRIGHT Brother is an artist with a very diverse approach to his creativity. Through his music, he bridges the gaps between various genres. ALRIGHT brother’s just released his most recent studio effort, a lean, fast moving album titled “DEPLOY”. This project highlights the artist’s love for post-punk/goth/industrial and horror sounds of the late 70s and 80s, but updates those genres with bigger, more present rhythm sections which sound more like Dead Prez than Dead Can Dance.

It isn’t easy to get the songs on “DEPLOY” encased into any given category. The main strength of this album is what might be called a focused diversity. The sound of the artist's music channels the haunting post-punk aesthetics of Joy Division. It is also reminiscent of the Industrial weight of Nine Inch Nails, and nods to the tones and melodies of composers like John Carpenter.

Releasing with “DEPLOY” is an animated music video for the leadoff song, What You Want. The video was hand drawn, animated and edited by the artist.

Ultimately, “DEPLOY” marks a truly exciting step forward for the artist, and presents an opportunity to move beyond DIY circles on the internet with an official release. “DEPLOY” is available on all major streaming services.

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