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FEiN began as a means of distilling and processing the hyper-personal, often private spaces where anxiety, doubt, comfort and optimism take root. Founding members Brandon Woodward and Luke Walton met while studying music at USC and playing as side musicians in various artist projects. In 2014, their partnership solidified when the two realized they could cope with the instability of post-college life by writing songs together. These early writing sessions produced songs that would populate their debut full-length album, “Little Homes” (2016), including lead single “#Grownupz.”

Through self-producing their record, the duo discovered a love for production and recording that matched their drive as writers and performers. This melding of learned skills and innate instinct, along with the band’s penchant for unflinching presentations of eerily sympathetic characters, led FEiN to connect with an audience of listeners who seem to share the same mix of worry and protective hope for the future. “#Grownupz” would eventually peak at #4 on the Spotify U.S. Viral 50 chart and help FEiN accumulate a total of over 5 million streams with zero editorial playlisting support.

After taking time to focus on producing and writing for other artists, FEiN returns to independently release a new collection of alt-pop, electronic-infused songs that retain the same spirit of unrelenting emotional examination while embracing the band’s clear love for storytelling and blending genre. The forthcoming releases build vignettes around the relationships between fear of loss, obedience, restriction, transparency, and devotion. Releases begin in May and run through early fall 2019.

News Story Provided by Luke Walton