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Alternative British artist Choze releases new single ‘D.I.Y'

British born artist Choze has already garnered a considerable fan base with his last release, ‘Nothing to Lose’, which crossed over 250,000 views on YouTube! Now, the rising star is thrilled to take yet another leap, announcing the release of his brand new single entitled ‘D.I.Y’.

The track is produced by a rising UK producer Renzo and features vocals from an ever-popular artist Shai Sevin who has worked with several critically acclaimed artists - Jessie J, Stylo G, Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32 Just to name a few.

Tapping into topics like self-dependence, self-sustenance, and self-belief, Choze evidently desires to reignite energy and enthusiasm in people. Leveraging the authenticity of his artistic expression, he is not afraid to speak the truth and show people the real face of the world. Having faced a plethora of challenges and rough times throughout his life, he has blown energising life into his new track with a dash of empathy and straightforwardness.

The voice of experience mixed with outspoken lyricism has reached a pinnacle in his new track. Using the alternative hip-hop style, Choze has gone with heavy chords and a realistic storyline that listeners are bound to find relatable. The way he pushes his listeners to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the uncertainty is extremely commendable.

Lending a unique tinge to the moving ode, Choze is certainly set to win hearts and spread infectious energy all over again. The brand new track will coax the listeners to an emotionally contemplative state.

Choze exhibits maturity and sensibility in his songs – and this, combined with his unique take on music styles, is what is pushing him to the forefront. His poignant observational eye for the social landscape of the world and socially powerful lyrics are the two assets, which make him a positive force of change in the hip-hop industry.

“While the music industry always has this cloud over independent artists that depending on a major label is the only way to break through to the masses, I beg to differ”, says the inspirational artist Choze. “Since I started building a platform for my artistry, I’ve gained so much valuable information as an independent artist which made me believe that you surely can create a legacy without a higher authority machine controlling your career. I believe there’s a difference between “signing” and “partnering” with labels.”

Talking about the inspiration behind his new single, he says, “The events that I experienced since the day I started taking this career seriously inspired me to create “DIY”. No label involved, no stockbroker, just me and myself and a great team that has created magical moments in my career. We’re living in a new era of independent domination and I wanted to celebrate that to promote an independent growth mindset that helps indie artists today.”

Choze’s journey in the music industry is a paradigm of inspiration for new and aspiring artists. In a documentary that he released recently, he shed light on how he was able to start his career with a bang, putting up three live shows and receiving a boatload of appreciation and support from the audience. Choze is all about music. He understands music and everything related to it. His enthusiasm, zest, and creative expression is a treat for both the eyes and the ears. You can watch the enlightening documentary below

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News story provided by Allan Siema | Artist Manager