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Amber's New Single Alive

Amber is lunching her new single "Alive", Amber has been working on a whole new studio album.

Although she kept performing and working in the music industry, Amber was working on her music to release a whole new album later on this year. This album will be a collaboration with different producers all working to highlight Amber's particular timber and style. Through this new release Amber went back to her roots, finding her true self in music and genre. This album will be all penned by Amber herself, in a self exploratory journey through music and life experiences.

Alive, composed by Elton Zarb and Amber at WickedandLoud, is a song about love. Love has no age, no limit, no races, no genders and as cliche as it might sound... Love is just love. The music video, directed by Olwyn Jo, shows a couple who met in a day center and fell in love. Each day they exchange little glances, a smile... until they realise that love is never too old... with a cheeky ending!

Discovered via Musosoup