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Amongst Liars follow up their debut single with ‘Wolf Machine'

South Coast, UK band, Amongst Liars follow up their debut single release with the ‘loud and fierce' new track “Wolf Machine”.

They formed back in September 2019 and released their debut single Over and Over in February 2020. This track received great press reviews, over 50k Spotify streams and extensive radio airplay - championed on countless national, regional and online stations. It was an amazing introduction for the band.

Amongst Liars are a tight and formidable powerhouse of a band; urgent, questioning, loud and fierce.

Together they play heavy and direct rock’n’roll: massive riffs and powerful, melodic choruses, fuzzy guitar, pummelling drums and throbbing bass, pin-balling between heavy alternative rock, grunge and punk. They also have a lyricist who can’t help but use his band as a platform to air his anxieties about the world around him. “I would never pigeonhole us as a ‘political band’,” Ian explains. “We’re not preaching at anyone or trying to change the world. We’re just saying these are the things that affect and concern us.”

The band are from the Eastbourne and Brighton area of the UK and are made up of Ian George (vocals/guitar), Leo Burdett (guitar/backing vocals), Ross Towner (bass/backing Vocals), Adam Oarton  (drums)

The second single Wolf Machine sets itself with a harder, more aggressive edge, showing that they have real grit in their musical locker.

Ian George says: "Wolf Machine is written about challenging those in a position of authority and power, not accepting that the hand that we've been dealt should define who we are; calling out inept governments run by power-hungry politicians. “Bring down the wolf machine" is chanted throughout the song, which resonates with so many of our world’s population, who are tired of the ‘same old’ mentality”.

"...the four-piece trade in the kind of balls to the wall alt-rock that transcends genres and, when lodged in your head, is difficult to forget. Built around angular guitar licks and a thunderous rhythm section that challenges those in a position of authority and power, calling out inept governments run by power-hungry politicians” Louder Than War

“Intense energy and strong musicianship. I cannot wait to hear more from this phenomenal band.” Eclectic Music Lover

Where Over And Over was a groove-based introduction to the band, “Wolf Machine” feels like its meaner bigger Brother. It’s of a beast of a track that is as impactful as it is heavy and relentless as it is effective and I will be keen to keep an eye on where Amongst Liars choose to go next. Reverb Room

“A rousing slab of tenacious and powerful rock 'n' roll” Ringmaster Review




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