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AmPm is releasing their last single of the year “Faded Love”, featuring Michael Kaneko

AmPm’s debut single “Best Part of Us” has earned 19 million stream counts on Spotify and the number is still increasing. Michael Kaneko was featured as the vocal for the big hit. They worked together again and released their new single “Faded Love”.

In 2018, AmPm has released 12 songs including remixes, and they will conclude the year with this new song. They create a dynamic and melodious atmosphere in this ballad. Michael Kaneko adds his gentle voice to it.

This track was originally created for a corporate commercial song. As it differed from their philosophy, AmPm recreated it from scratch including the track and the lyrics. Also, they chose this song to conclude the year with a message.

“Not everyone is spending a happy year. Everyone must have had at lease one tough moment. We hope they make a good use of those experiences for the new year. This song should cheer them up as they look back at the tough moments and forward to the new year.”

AmPm’s music are available on Spotify and other music streaming services.

AmPm’s debut single “Best Part of Us” exceeded 10 million stream counts on Spotify within 6 month after the release. AmPm was the top Japanese artist on Spotify globally.

In August 9th 2017, AmPm was invited and performed at the Spotify’s first music live event in Asia “SPOTIFY ON STAGE” as the only artist from Japan.

In 2018, AmPm has been actively performing at various places such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami and live concerts with Galantis and Jonas Blue. On production side, AmPm has worked on remixes for Afrojack and R3HAB. Their global quality has been recognized widely.

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