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An Astronaut shares their new single 'Underground'

As Melbourne’s An Astronaut readies a full-length debut, the solemn songwriter releases the moody introductory single Underground.

A wistful ode to the sense of self-found beyond superficial limitations, Underground intimately places this soloist amongst the heartland troubadours we admire for their earnest search and rescue of spirit. Pensive melodic leads are woven through optimistic strums and an acoustic honesty.

Inspired as much by the good old days of vinyl records, mixtapes and first time takes as the classic rock sounds of the 1960s and 70s, it's fair to say An Astronaut moves in simpler circles to many contemporary artists of 2020.

For starters, An Astronaut is a one-man band, the resulting music is built on the sturdy songwriting structures of past rock and folk pioneers as well as the DIY spirit of the underground indie scene.

Underground is the first single from An Astronaut and is the result of all of these influences. Recorded in bedrooms and rehearsal spaces and mastered by Don Bartley (The Superjesus, Diesel, Ian Moss, Andrew Farriss), it's born out of the spirit of classic 70s rock and finds itself amongst the consistent and thoughtful storytellers such as M.Ward and Julien Baker.

It's music for the lost, the lonely, and the hopeful. The quaint characteristics embellished by solitude and supplemented by contemporary communities - An Astronaut’s quest through song is fostered by modernity’s nooks and hollows, fortified by like minds.

Underground is the first single from the forthcoming album, Fleeting Moments.

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