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An elegant melo-pop conveying Lynch, Air and The Weekend

In his latest track ‘I’ve Been Thinking’, Timsters manages to capture modern introspection, a certain lightness of being, both in the sound and at the screen. His urban persona is once again wandering in the city, losing herself in all its verticality, and looking for something significant under the city lights.

The main idea behind the video is the freedom of being yourself. Timsters is a straight guy who fully accepts his feminine side and wants to show it proudly to the world. With no fear.

This wasn't possible when he was younger. Growth in the countryside and in a very macho man environment, he always dreamt about the freedom you can achieve by living in a big city.

Did you ever imagine what a featuring between Prince and The Weeknd sounds like? Well - add it a French savoir-faire à la Air, Kavinsky or M83 and you’ll kinda have a picture of Timsters in your earphone.

Coming from a very charming little village lost in the French west coast, Julien - his real name - couldn’t have been further away from there in the ’90s. With a Manhattan poster stick in front of his bed, he spent his childhood dreaming of the Big Apple and its fledgling pop culture. Upon coming of age, the young Frenchman follow his father path by becoming a truck driver. Driving all alone for hours, days, nights, Julien became sure of one thing: only music could have saved him. His love for the fourth art made him quit his position. Under the moniker of Timsters, he started his musical journey and was finally free to be himself.

Raised by the soundtrack of The Beatles and after few years to collaborate with many talented artists as a producer, the singer-songwriter-producer develops his own Lynchesque touch mixed to a classy pop songwriting.

His first singles has been listed in NMF,France Top Viral and Fresh Finds as well as being picked up by the likes of Medium, Indie Shuffle, Acid Stag, Radio X or Kaltbult. Now hailing with a smashing debut EP titled "Chapter One"

Drawing his inspiration from people like Bowie, Timsters said: “Everyone has a feminine and masculine side that define who they are. I’ve always managed to keep them together, not as opposite feelings but as complete, balanced energy. Through the eyes of artists that influence my personality in many ways, the young boy that I was needed to explore and understand the diversity, the complexity, and the depth of big cities and its rich cultures. That I’ve always fantasized about.”

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