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An Interview with 'Angelsightings'

Who are the band members and what do they play?

Nina Luther who sings and plays guitar and keys.

How and where did you get together?

The project was created in 2016 in Florida.

What are the band's main influences?

Julia Jacklin, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Fiona Apple

Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances?


Are there any other interesting or amusing happenings – no matter how small – that the band have been involved with that would be of interest to those who like your music?

Originally formed a band named "Lollipop Sucker Punch" at 15. All my music has been recorded, mixed and mastered in my bedroom.

Do you have any favourable quotes from previous reviews of the band that you'd be happy to share?

"Like her moniker implies, The 4 song EP features Luther’s angelic voice, ethereal acoustic guitar and a smattering of other swirly and tinkly sounds. Play on repeat while painting with water colors over a glass of Lillet on ice- ahhh doesn’t everything feel better now?" - IndyZine.com

Where was the single/EP/album recorded and who was involved in its production?

In Gilbert, Arizona. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nina Luther.

Is there a particular ethos behind the single/EP/album or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?

I like to be genuine and sincere with all my music and words because it is a form of catharsis for me.

Can you briefly describe what the song/each song is about? If you are releasing an album then either describe the thinking behind the project or choose a couple of lead tracks to focus on.

"Sushi Song" was my most ambitious and it stemmed from a meaningful elationship that had faltered, coupled with coming back home after a long time away. I was angry and sad both with the other person and the person I had been when the relationship crumbled.

Were there any notable or amusing happenings surrounding the recording/production of the EP? As above, list whatever might be of relevance.

One of the songs had been recorded so long ago and it was all completely through Garageband on my phone. So at some point you can hear the TV going on in the background because I recorded the keys on the couch.


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