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An Interview with 'Meta'

Who are the band members and what do they play?

Simplcity is a multi genre producer and engineer behind the production of this track and Meta is the writer and MC.

How and where did you get together?

We’ve been making music together for roughly 8/9 years now after meeting each other on a music production c b ourse at college

What are the band's main influences?

Artists like AJ Tracey, Aitch, Bru-C, Wiley and Kano

Where was the single/EP/album recorded and who was involved in its production?

Recorded at Xosa Studios in Weymouth, Dorset and was produced by Simplcity

Is there a particular ethos behind the single/EP/album or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?

We just wanted to create a summer vibe and usually we’re making hip hop/rap or grime, we thought we’d try something different and add a bit of nostalgia into the mix by creating some UKG with a modern twist.

Can you briefly describe what the song/each song is about? If you are releasing an album then either describe the thinking behind the project or choose a couple of lead tracks to focus on.

What’s the motive? What’s going on? What’s new? It’s summer, people are active, out and about and it seems like every 5 minutes we’re asking people “what’s the motive”, “what’s the plan” or “where we heading”, I wanted to capture that night time feeling, where you’re not sure where you’re going or at what times, but regardless, you go with the flow and love it every time.

Were there any notable or amusing happenings surrounding the recording/production of the EP? As above, list whatever might be of relevance.

We started the session attempting to mix and master a completely different track, but half way through, we came across one of the samples we ended up using in this track, and decided to “take a break” from mixing and mastering to work on this new one... 3 hours later it was written , recorded and mixed.

Please provide a one or two-line personal quote that can be attributed to a band member, about either the band themselves or the release. Obviously the more eye-catching this is the better.

I just want to make music, all sorts of music. Different genres, feels, moods, tempos... I just want to create!


Discovered via Musosoup


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