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An Interview with 'No Deal Disco'

Who are the band members and what do they play?

Sam Robinson (guitar, bass, drums & vox)

How and where did you get together?

I finally built up the courage to sing last year, starting with a cover of All Cried Out. This is my first ever original song

What are the band's main influences?

The Cribs, The Strokes, Fontaines D.C., Idles, Bloc Party...

Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances?

As a drummer in Is Bliss, I played Robert Smith's Meltdown, supported The Jesus and Mary Chain and headlined Victorious Festival in 2017.

Do you have any favourable quotes from previous reviews of the band that you'd be happy to share?

Not yet as this is a brand new project.

Where was the single/EP/album recorded and who was involved in its production?

I recorded everything in my living room, except for the drums which I recorded in a practice rooms using my own recording gear. Did everything myself. Not got the money to hire mixing and mastering engineers!

Is there a particular ethos behind the single/EP/album or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?

The aim is to convey an important message via a catchy indie pop tune. It's a response to the rhetoric that has been thrown around these last few years in particular; a warning that blind nationalism never ends well.

Please provide a one or two-line personal quote that can be attributed to a band member, about either the band themselves or the release. Obviously the more eye-catching this is the better.

Turning my angry tweets into angry beats.