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An Interview with 'Preventer'

Who are the band members and what do they play?

Deedee Ashlee - All instruments

How and where did you get together?

I've been a solo artist since school, but have always focussed on metal music. Preventer marks a complete change in direction and my first foray into the world of indie

What are the band's main influences?

The Cure, Bloc Party, Molchat Doma, R.E.M.

Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances?

Not yet - Preventer has only existed a couple of months but a full band setup is being worked on.

Are there any other interesting or amusing happenings – no matter how small – that the band have been involved with that would be of interest to those who like your music?

I have been a metal musician for the last 15+ years so this is a total direction change for me.

Where was the single/EP/album recorded and who was involved in its production?

The EP 'The Club Downstairs' was recorded in my garage and produced in my home studio, by myself.

Is there a particular ethos behind the single/EP/album or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?

I wanted to make something with the atmosphere of Joy Division or early Cure, but that also has an aggression and tempo like you'd find on 'Silent Alarm'-era Bloc Party or early Arctic Monkeys stuff. It started off as me wondering if two different styles could be mixed together to make something that was quite dark and ambient but also that had powerful drums and a faster rhythm. A lot of the songs are bass-driven and oriented, as that's what I prefer to play live so it was natural to write songs around the bass lines

Can you briefly describe what the song/each song is about? If you are releasing an album then either describe the thinking behind the project or choose a couple of lead tracks to focus on.

'The Club Downstairs' in a literal sense refers to hell, but also it's about living the darker side of our lives and what you do to get out of bad times. The message I'm trying to put across is that there are always avenues out of the dark places. Lean on your brothers and sisters when you need to. Some notable additions too are 'Miss Used', which casts a somewhat scathing look at the treatment of women in popular culture; 'Earth Oil Vibrates Through The Gimp Cracks' is about humans exploiting the planet and justifying it with their own agendas; I touch on quite a few topics on the record actually

Were there any notable or amusing happenings surrounding the recording/production of the EP? As above, list whatever might be of relevance.

It was a speedy process - in the past the music I've released has taken months and months to write, record, produce, etc. This EP took three weekends of writing and recording, and probably 10 hours to produce after the fact. I wanted to make something a little more raw and unprocessed, not 'overwriting' it. I didn't actually write any of the tabs down - rather just jamming bits and recording as I went along. A very different approach to my normal method.

Please provide a one or two-line personal quote that can be attributed to a band member, about either the band themselves or the release. Obviously the more eye-catching this is the better.

'The Club Downstairs' is a reflection on why it's okay to fall sometimes. You're gonna be alright