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An Interview with 'REGINA'

Who are the band members and what do they play?


How and where did you get together?


What are the band's main influences?

Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey

Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances?

Singing the National Anthem for the Tampa Bay Rays

Where was the single/EP/album recorded and who was involved in its production?


Can you briefly describe what the song/each song is about? If you are releasing an album then either describe the thinking behind the project or choose a couple of lead tracks to focus on.

SYNOPSIS OF SONG: The ups and downs of a relationship , both of them cant keep up, co-dependent and sickend but cant let each other go, for some strange reason, we feel the most rekindled during the summer when its just all love, lust , adventure, and fantasy. Still we too inconsistent to be this way all year long.

Please provide a one or two-line personal quote that can be attributed to a band member, about either the band themselves or the release. Obviously the more eye-catching this is the better.

For the lovers, fighters, and the escapist

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