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Angelo Boltini - French Vanilla

Dutch circus bandleader turned orchestral pop wunderkind Angelo Boltini returns with “French Vanilla” after receiving support from 3fm, Radio 5 and touring with Holland’s largest travelling festival, de Popronde. Though still reminiscent of the orchestral grandeur of his other songs, French Vanilla is a romantic, introspective song that describes the spark that happens, when you just know that love is imminent.

French Vanilla was produced by Grammy nominated producer Attie Bauw (The Scorpions, Judas Priest), recorded at the legendary Wisseloord Studios and features Am.Ok orchestra’s string section.

French Vanilla is out on all streaming services September 13th 2019.

BIOGRAPHY Angelo Boltini is not just a singer and guitarist, but rather a musical jack of all trades. His album 'Human After All' in turn is itself more than a collection of songs. It's all part of a broader vision that also extends to the live stage. Human After All can stand on its own two feet as an album, with songs that can easily do so too. Exactly how Boltini imagined it.

Whoever hears the name 'Boltini' involuntarily thinks of the circus. Being the son of the legendary Toni Boltini, whose circus was once the largest in all of Europe, Angelo does not forsake his roots. Creativity and entrepreneurship are in his DNA, but also the hands-on mentality so distinctive of his family. "I recently had my first real tour as a band leader in the circus, that's where my roots are. The circus calls for multi-disciplinarity. If needed, you have to be able to fill in anywhere. My father jumped in the cage to replace the lion tamer when he got fired. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and my range varies from jazz to classical to electronic to rock. Some may find that confusing, but to me that's pure freedom.”

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