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Archie Brown - Lonesomeville

Lonesomeville is the brand new album from former The Bureau (band formed out of Dexy’s Midnight Runners) raconteur Archie Brown.

Archie Brown has paid his dues. He formed the Young Bucks in Newcastle in 1975 with Pat Rafferty and Tony Wadsworth and spent the next four years doing hundreds of gigs and thousands of miles in the UK and Europe.

1979 and the arrival of Mrs Thatcher coincided with the demise of the band, Pat returned to Newcastle, Tony began what was to be a stellar career in the music industry and Archie joined the ashes of the original Young Soul Rebel Dexy’s to form The Bureau

After one magnificent album and a spectacular tour of America The Bureau closed its doors.

Archie eventually returned to Newcastle, ran a recording studio, played locally with the occasional European tour and made nine critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful albums with the by the now ironically named “Young Bucks.”

Despite all of the above you may never have heard Archie Brown’s music but your kids certainly will have, for the last 15 years or more he has been earning a living composing music for BAFTA award winning children’s TV shows such as “Something Special”(Mr Tumble) and “Barnaby Bear”.

n this new album recorded during lockdown at disparate North East locations, Archie joins forces with original “Young Bucks” Rafferty and Wadsworth along with the North East go to rhythm section Steve Dolder and Chris Ringer and long time compadre Steve WM7 Nash (Trumpet and percussion) . Special guests include the former leader of the Royal Northern Symphonia “El Maestro” Bradley Creswick and “Das Wunderkind” Jack Banjo Courtney.

Many of the songs are co-written with Northern Irish poet Kevin McKay and demonstrate a late period blossoming in Archie’s song writing. The songs themselves display many of the trademark signatures of earlier recordings including virtuoso violin and trumpet, accordion and horns and Tony’s instantly identifiable Telecaster, but they defy categorisation which is perhaps the main reason Archie Brown is not a household name.



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