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Charged with tension, Ashton Orion’s latest single Bad Dreams is an immersive arrangement inspired by the inside of a nightmare.

Over a bedrock of keys and percussion, the track's arch vocals and enchanting strings complete an atmosphere that is both charming and haunting.

Intricate and evolving, Bad Dreams brings a distinct shift in tone following Ashton Orion’s previous release ‘Uneas

Orion worked remotely with Sydney producer Jordan Leonard to elevate the song‘s demo version. Blake Bennett provided the cinematic strings, which deliver the eeriness the lyrics call for. The vocals for the track were recorded in Ashton’s home studio

Ashton is a keyboardist, songwriter, and vocalist based in Geraldton, Western Australia. She’s spent many years playing and performing in bands, but her loyalty to songwriting is her strongest.

With a fondness for crafted lyrics, Ashton writes songs which explore worlds both real and imagined. She records her own demos and vocals, and plans to continue releasing original tunes throughout the next 12 months and beyond.



Discovered via Musosoup