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Asia's No.1 rock/indie/dreampop group NO PARTY FOR CAO DONG storm UK festivals + here's a taster!

Nicknamed as No Tickets For Cao Dong because their shows sell out so fast, this outstanding rock four-piece bounce between Disco and Grunge, offering something wholly unique yet utterly familiar and irresistible. The award-winning band went down a storm at the weekend at Liverpool Sound City, striking comparisons to Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Bloc Party as they prepare for The Great Escape and Glastonbury ahead of their next single out this summer.

Gigwise said, ““One of the most convincing guitar bands we hear all festival.”

Get Into This said, “From the first chord, this crowd knows all the words to all the songs and is bouncing along enthusiastically, shouting the lyrics back at the band. So much for “No Party”, this is the complete opposite. It’s searingly good…yup we’re buying into this”

Formed by Wood Lin (vocals/guitar), Chu Chu (vocals/guitar), Sam Yang (vocals/bass) and Fan Tsai (drums), No Party For Cao Dong broke out from Taiwan’s indie rock scene in 2015.

It all started on a street named Cao Dong, where they used to party. They left so now, No Party For Cao Dong!

They caught their first break when they sold out their debut EP within a day of release. Rebellious electric guitars clothing luscious melodies with hints of funk and dream pop, their music forms a mirror of the punk-grunge spirit they embody. In February 2016, they dropped their debut album ‘The Servile’ — a record of grief, love, justice and helplessness felt among their generation. ‘The Servile’ sold 40,000 physical albums, despite only being available in indie stores and at live events and was streamed in the hundreds of millions.

In 2017, NPCD won Best New Artist, Song of the Year (“Simon Says”) and Best Musical Group in the 28th Golden Melody Awards (GMA). These GMA wins led to their first mention in Billboard as the first band in the history of the award to walk away with both Best New Artist and Best Musical Group in the same year.

While this is their first time playing UK music festivals, NPCD are no strangers to the UK music scene. Back in December last year, they performed to a full house at the Rich Mix in London. Tickets were gone within 12 hours and were being sold outside for 10 x the asking price. That was the first stop in the European leg of their second international tour, Same Old, Same Old. The rest of the tour that went to Berlin and Amsterdam was also all sold out, with fans flying in from other countries such as Spain, France and Italy just to see them live.

NPCD has toured all over Asia, North America and Europe and sold out all of their international tours. In the midst of this whirlwind, the band saw lucrative deals that promised the so-called success in a traditional context. Yet becoming another A&R replica produced by yet another record label who has been there and done that was never the justice they sought. Unsatisfied with the status quo, they asked themselves, “What is the alternative?” They took matters into their hands and founded their own company. In a do-it-ourselves model, the band started out their career in autonomy with control over each step, from planning to execution, production to promotion.

With lyrics that are seemingly simple but satirical, the quartet convey the pent-up resentment and pessimism of their times. NPCD successfully captures the hearts of the younger generation by expressing a universal disenchantment through their music. As they venture out into Europe and other international territories they continue to sell out shows wherever they announce. Not only have they performed at SXSW in 2019, they will also be heading to Rock in Rio in addition to all their UK festivals. New music is being recorded in London ready for their first foray into the UK market. Expect nothing less than incredible as No Party For Cao Dong continue their impressive quest.

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