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Astrosaur share guitar play through video for "Karakoram II"


ASTROSAUR's virtuous necro-nautic universe consists of equal parts instrumental rock and post-metal, studded with lavish prog, jazz, mathrock and black metal ornaments.

"The general public perceives academia and heavy metal as rivals, but ASTROSAUR, whose members studied at the Conservatory of Music in Kristiansand, lean toward the intellectual without sacrificing any authenticity“, Invisible Oranges said about the Oslo 3-piece. Virtuoso guitarist and main song writer Eirik Kråkenes has filled in as a session musician for Norwegian acts Leprous and Ihsahn, among many others... he is one of those people you meet at literally every European metal festival, but always with a different band. On the band’s new video for "Karakoram II” he plays through the track using his Gibson Les Paul Standard. Eikirk comments,

"There's so many great players and playthrough's out there, so we wanted to try doing something different. The song is inspired by a famous occultist's part in an expedition to one of the highest mountains in the world, so the video and the visuals in it have taken inspiration from this story, too.   The guitar I'm using is a Gibson Les Paul Standard from around 2005, I think. Bought it used as my first, proper instrument when I was starting out, and have been using it ever since. It came with these Seymour Duncan's that I don't think was in there originally. They are pretty hot in terms of output. Strings are 10 to 52's, tuned to D standard.”

ASTROSAUR is his own band and brainchild, and Obscuroscope is only their sophomore album – hard to believe, considering the musical scope and the maturity of songwriting on display here.

Part of the album was conceived on the road, due to the member's heavy touring schedules with Astrosaur, as well as commitments to other bands. They had only six days to try out and finalize the ideas from the road in the studio, which brought in an element of spontaneity to the recording session.

But more than anything, ASTROSAUR is a band you essentially must see live: Louder Sound called ASTROSAUR "a mesmerizing opener“, on their 2017 tour supporting Leprous, and Heavy Mag found them to be "a serious case of excellent composition together with a strong stage presence“.


"Thick stoner sound of a fuzz pedal together with a distorted bass creates one hell of a soundscape.” - Ultimate Guitar

"What we have here is a serious case of excellent composition together with a strong stage presence.” - Heavy Mag

"mesmerizing opener“ - Louder Sound

"tremendous; dynamic math rock with a slight stoner vibe detouring to a massive post-rock climax. - Echoes and Dust

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