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Atmospheric metal band Alase released a second single with beautiful music video!

Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase released a second single Riisuttu from their long-awaited debut album Vastaus which is set to be released on June 7th 2019 via Inverse Records.

Guitarist/composer Janne Lunnas comments:

"Riisuttu is the most versatile song we have done so far. It combines influences from progressive metal to post rock and alternative metal/rock. This song presents well the new musical directions we have started to take in our music and it is very fun to play live.

Everyone in the band are extremely happy about the music video that was made by Kaira Films (Vesa Ranta & Aapo Lahtela). We wanted to have a stylish video full of atmosphere and they delivered it perfectly! It was great to see how well body painting theme worked out with our music!"

Alase’s guitarists Mikko and Janne started to write music for the debut album Vastaus during spring 2017. Later, in the same year’s autumn drummer Janne Kusmin decided to part from Alase as his primary band Kalmah was getting to be more busy with their newest album and touring. Mikko and Janne decided that it is better to do the Vastaus album with session drummer and they were lucky to find the right man, Toni Paananen(Malpractice), to do the job. After the composing of the songs was finalized around February 2018, it was time to book a studio for tracking the drums. Toni Paananen played the drum parts for all 8 songs during one weekend at Värähtely Creative studio in Vallila, Helsinki, where studio engineer Janne Storm handled the recording. Rest of the instruments and vocals by 6 different vocalists were recorded mostly in several home studios which took about 7 months to complete.

Promo pic by Sakke Paavola & A. Aho

Vastaus album has been mixed and mastered by Ari-Pekka Repo and vocals on the album are mixed and produced by Markus Hirvonen. Music on the album is produced by Janne Lunnas. All Alase lyrics are written by Anni Aho. All the graphics and trailer video related to the album and digital singles are made by Sakke Paavola.

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