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Autumnboy new single ‘Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep’

Autumnboy’s new single ‘Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep’, out on Beth Shalom Records on the first day of autumn, September 22nd, gives a brief but intense look into his ongoing struggles with mental health. While having gritty and honest lyrics about the pain felt in bouts of depression, Autumnboy even still seems to give a slightly hopeful spin on his lyrics.

Using his music as sonic diary, Autumnboy continuously creates unique soundscapes that tell his own story of faith and mental health. The music he creates takes a strong influence from the emerging emo rap scene blended with elements of other alternative genres. Having strong roots in the local emo music scene growing up, the 24 year old writer believes that it is imperative to share his experiences and the hope that he has found to better the lives of others in alternative subcultures in a new and unique way.

“This song is an interesting piece for me. As someone who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder, my emotions fluctuate an awful lot more than most people. ‘Nothing Hurts When I’m Asleep’ goes right down into the lowest of the low for me. When I’m not feeling these things, I almost forget that I’m capable of it at times. So this song, in all of its brutal honesty, provides a looking glass for me so I can understand myself better. My hope is that others will be able to relate to it and it could maybe do the same for them.”