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Bückle / Vogt - Before We Rise

Philipp Bückle and Karen Vogt first met at a concert in Paris nearly ten years ago. After being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, their paths crossed frequently over the next few years, often playing shows together and meeting up while on tour with their respective bands. Around five years ago, the pair began exchanging song ideas, which formed the basis for this new collaboration.

“Before We Rise” is the first release by Bückle/Vogt. Across five tracks, this debut EP offers a fresh and inventive take on indie-electronica. Mixing pop and experimental sensibilities, “Before We Rise” reflects the musical identities of its creators. Vogt’s emotive vocals and melodic sensibility intertwine effortlessly with Bückle’s hypnotic loops, beats, and drones.

Opening track “Orange Blue” sets the tone for the EP, pairing a striking vocal performance with layered drones and organs. “Layers” continues in a similar vein, a downtempo excursion accompanied by cinematic looped samples. The lush vocals of title track “Before You Rise” are among the EP’s many highlights. “I Can Convince Myself” darkens the mood with fluttering strings and alluring, mantralike vocals. The EP ends on a playful note with the catchy “New To Me.”

“Before We Rise” is a debut EP full of charm and character that is sure to warm hearts and ears this winter. It is also just the beginning. The pair are already planning a full-length album release.

Karen Vogt’s vocals have been described as “the sweetest sounding existential angst you’re ever likely to hear.” Vogt is best known for her work with the Parisbased Australian dream-pop band Heligoland, of which she is a founding member. For the past ten years Heligoland have been working with producer Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). She has also contributed vocals to recordings by American composer/experimental artist Akira Rabelais and the German producer/ electronic artist Robert Babicz. In the past, Vogt has appeared on albums by the Australian artists David Bridie (Not Drowning Waving) and Machine Translations. Vogt has toured Europe with Heligoland and played shows with Neil Halstead (Slowdive), Sarah Blasko, Trespassers William and Damon & Naomi (Galaxie 500). She is currently working on a new Heligoland album and her debut solo releases.

Philipp Bückle is a German musician and film-maker. He released music as Teamforest for more than a decade before switching to his real name in 2014. Bückle has toured throughout Europe and played shows with Arborea, L’Altra, Birthmark, Little Dragon, Matt Elliott, and Powerdove. His discography includes releases on Morr Music, Eglantine Records, Moving Furniture Records, Awkward Formats, and NULL/ZONE. Bückle’s expansive musical style encompasses soundscapes, krautrock, field recordings, drones, pop, folk, and electronica. He has also directed several short films and music videos. His films have been accepted into international competitions at film festivals around the world.

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