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Back catalogue: digital release of album by hardcore punk band Afflict

Digital release of Afflict - I Want I, I Need It.. Gotta Have It

"Afflict was founded in 1982, I think, by Juju, Scheet and Eeuwout. Initially together with a guitarist named Jorg, from Bremen, Germany. Afflict is about pain.

It was 100% DIY, from the ground up for all 'musicians' who had never owned an instrument before. We rehearsed in Juju's room, in a squat on the Kleine Berg in Eindhoven. Later, by now with Mark Sparrius on guitar, we started practicing in the attic of pop temple the Effenaar, together with the Zesde Kolonne. We played the first gigs and tour with Mark. A first performance in the smaller concert hall next door, 2B, with a dress-up party made a big impression. Touring is fun, but not for everyone. After the first tour in Spain we decided to look for a new guitarist. We played a few more years with Ronny Verstraeten, toured a lot and made 2 records.

Playing was easy at the time. With mass unemployment there was a benefit. With squats available, there were many locations to play. Through the Effenaar we came in contact with musicians from all over the world. In the end we played in 20 countries, deep into the eastern block, which was then still called eastern block. Contacts went through the extensive DIY network and the hundreds of small fanzines that were published. We wrote letters and postcards to keep in touch, and organized the tour on confidence. Berlin, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Vienna. But we also regularly came across small Bavarian villages with a community center full of punks. In 2B we were able to invite them to play. There was a great not-for-profit mentality that made a lot more possible. Awesome!

Afflict was quite a different group. Admittedly with a hardcore punk-like tradition, but with its own character. Perhaps that is why the band was compared with a wide variety of other groups.

Ultimately, the group broke up because it had realized everything it dreamed of. Even twice. The dreams were modest and in one way or another that changed the relationships, at a time when the music world was also changing a lot. And before you know it it has already happened and the band is on ice. We then made a 'farewell album' with the title 'Gotta Have it'. It turned out to be a beautiful theme album with varied songs and a special thread throughout the entire album about a tragic farewell to loved ones through self-destruction. The end of the band already turned out to be in the lyrics a bit ."

The album I Want It, I Need It.. Gotta Have It is released digitally 4 September 2020

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