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Back catalogue: digital release of album by metalcore punk band Kikkerspuug

Digital release of Kikkerspuug - Wild Vlees

"Since 1984, Kikkerspuug (Frogspit) from Utrecht, the Netherlands, has been making ugly Dutch-language music. But with a lot of notes in little time, that is good value for money.

Drummer Jerry, unlike other drummers, hits harder the faster he plays. Guitarist Rob plays hasty guitar riffs on a cheap guitar. Bass player Jos plows on hurriedly. On top of that there is singer Thomas, once compared to an angry Kermit the Frog. Who will reach the end of the song first? The battle remains undecided. All instruments in the foreground. And that's how it should be.

Like that, we spent years on stage in youth centers, at festivals or at benefits. Recording such a sound in the studio is not easy. Although the first results were not so good, it worked out a little better each time. Self-released cassettes, tracks on compilation albums and then finally a real long-play record saw the light of day:Wild Vlees (Wild Meat). Beautiful is different. How proud we were. We played here and there to sell the record. But after a few years the fun ended.

We made a restart in 2007. We now have a new bass player. Frank. And he also does background vocals. Loud yet pure. And so there were new ugly songs, new performances and a new album released a few years ago. But for now back to 1990, back to Wild Vlees."

The album Wild Vleesis now remastered and released digitally

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